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The Master of Ceremonies, MC or emcee plays a critical role in any conference or event and above all else provides valuable peace of mind for any conference team, organisers and decision makers.

Your event done right.

Guy Moxley has MC’d events, conferences and meetings for over 15 years in Australia and across the globe.

So is the role of master of ceremonies to link the plenary speakers?

Or perhaps simply providing introductions for each speaker?

Maybe adding relevant comments after each speaker, and lets not forget keeping the time to the agenda?

Well it’s all of these, but above all else it’s the energy the MC injects into the event, this is what I call the ‘Pulse’.

Masters of ceremony however come into their own when something doesn’t go to plan – Expected the Unexpected. From Guy’s vast experience with facilitating groups and teams, he brings an ‘insurance policy’; that no matter what – the show goes on. A speaker is running late! The power goes off! The Lunch is not ready! Yes these can happen and Guy has delivered.

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Creating great events

Words from Ericsson

‘Guy Moxley; our Master of Ceremonies for 5 years, has become part of the team, a pivotal key in the success of our annual sales conference’

The quality master of ceremonies will be able to ‘fill’ five minutes while an audio visual problem is being addressed or adjust the schedule when a speaker speaks for too long or finishes early. A Saxton master of ceremonies becomes part of the organising team and not only plays a pivotal part in the event’s success but also provides valuable peace of mind for the conference organiser.

Event Planning

When you are looking to plan a corporate function or event, it is essential to make a list of the outcomes you are looking to achieve. If you do not make a clear plan, you risk the event going wrong. An MC helps reduce risk of failure in any event!

Guy Moxley, owner of Teambuilding Australia and Teambuilding Singapore has facilitated events, conferences and business seminars for over 18 years, large or small, from 1 week to 1 hour, all over the World.
Guy’s area of expertise includes: Customer Centricity, Team Performance, Strategy and Goals, Selling Philosophies. Include a few great icebreaker activities and table challenges, Guy’s services offers security in clients knowing that ‘The Show Must Go On’.
A balance of energy, passion and commitment are the essential ingredients for Guy as a leading facilitator and MC with some humour and laughs along the way!
We meet every client, prior to any facilitation / MC contract. This we feel is important for both parties, to discuss outcomes, objectives and expectations. Various teams have experienced his approach and professionalism, getting results through interaction and driving an agenda to a desired, agreed point.

“The perfect M.C. makes the audience feel they have profited from attending the function, and that they have also had a fun and rewarding time”. – Guy Moxley 2018


Professional Events, Brilliant Customer Service

About Us

Events and Programs

‘Guy Moxley and his team provides team building solutions to clients, in a fun, energetic and safe manner, that teams, businesses and people love’.

Based in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and delivering throughout the SEA region, not only an MC but a leading supplier of corporate challenging activities and team building activities.

With over 40 leading unique programs all flexible around time delivery, location and budget. Every program is bespoke to a client’s group size and budget.

• Delivers all our team building programs – we are not a ‘booking agency’ that outsources programs, allowing us flexible cost options.
• Unlike other companies, the businesses have Public Liability Insurance of $20million.• All the staff are experienced facilitators in team building and corporate events, coaching and facilitation.
• As a business they have over 20 years of MC, team testing, leadership and training experience.
• Facilitate team development, fun events, conference icebreakers and design training programs across region for any sized event.

How do we operate? Our policy is to focus on designing sessions that meet your business, team and individuals needs. We do this by discussions / pre-meetings and then we offer a choice of solutions, with different outcomes and budgets.

Why Choose Us? As we offer over 40 programs, with many years of experience within corporate, government and social experience, leveraging on this we recommend alternative ideas and programs that fit your outcomes, time and budget.

Where and when do we deliver? Our diverse programs allows flexibility to deliver any program, any time and at any location. We include a weather and time back up solution to all our events, plus our process allows for all eventualities to be recommended – our many years of experience has allowed us to add greater value to our clients.

We accept credit card payments and do not charge fees for prior payments. Cancellation of a program, within 30 days of a delivery date will incur a 50% charge. Cancellation within 21 days of the program delivery date will incur a 100% charge. All quotes are based on the basis of below and up to a max group size.

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